Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obey Warehouse Sale 2012

Okay, so this is was my first time ever to go to a warehouse sale. If you don't know what a warehouse sale is, it's basically when clothing companies open up their warehouses where they keep their inventory of current and last season apparel and sell the clothing at discount prices..usually 50-70% off! Warehouse sales usually happen once or twice a year depending on the company. The purpose of these  sales are to get rid of their inventory of current and last season apparel so that they can make room for the new season's collections. What brought me to the Obey warehouse sale this year? The incredible deals! Apparently the obey warehouse sale is legendary, it is probably the most popular warehouse sale everyone wants to be at. The sale brings in so many who are eager for discounted merchandise. So what exactly was my experience like you ask? Well I woke up at 5:30am to make sure my brother and I were able to make it early enough to beat the crowd who would be waiting for the warehouse to open. We were able to make it to the sale at 7:00am, and little did we know that 7:00am will not be early enough! We came to a winding line of about 300-350 people all waiting for the warehouse to open. I heard people were waiting since 4:00am and brought lawn chairs and blankets...yeah..RIDICULOUS! haha they don't call it the "Legendary Obey Warehouse Sale" for nothing lol The warehouse opened at 8:30am and was open until the late evening. They way they let us into the warehouse was basically in groups of 25 or so. Once you were let in you were giving a sticker stating the time you entered the warehouse in my case I entered at 11:30am (remember I came at 7:00am, its called the waiting game ladies haha) and a large trash bag to hold the clothes and goodies we were able to snatch up. We had 20 minutes in the warehouse to pick up whatever we wanted, yup I waited about 4 hours for a crucial 20 minutes (I better find some good stuff or this would have been a waste!) Well the girls area in the sale was a HOT MESS! Jeez louise... haha I mean everything was a mess and just boxes and boxes of clothes! I literally went to each box and picked up whatever I could, even though I wasn't sure about it, I kept it. There was no time to linger and really look at what I was getting, and the risk the chance of someone picking up the shirts that I wanted. Literally everything was getting snapped up right in front of me and I didn't want that to happen! Well I got some great stuff!

The Goodies I got:

Leather Jacket- $40 (warehouse sale price) $94 (Retail)---Buy here
Peach Tank Top- $15 (warehouse sale price) $23 (Retail)---Buy here (white version)
White Slouchy Top- $15 (warehouse sale price) $44 (Retail)---Buy here (similar with a pocket)

Overall thoughts, I got awesome deals. Long wait, but great rewards :) Will I do it again? Probably not...As much of an experience it was, it was was too much of a wait. I can basically check this off of the list of things I have done, "Gone to the Legendary Obey Warehouse Sale" haha but will I go to another warehouse sale ABSOLUTELY! I am hooked on warehouse sales!! Smarties, this is the way to go! These sales are chalk full of deals and steals! I am so excited to go to another one (definitely any other warehouse sale will be NOT be this crazy!)

Warehouse Sales are Smart girl approved! Let's get some good deals smarties!


Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set!

Crayola crayon nail polish, yup thats right! haha oh the memories of coloring with these babies (#nostaligic, #childhoodmemories) Now you can be rocking these colors on your nails this summer! The collection features colorful metallic and glitter shades ranging from brights and cool colors. Again keep in mind this collection is a mini-sized so you are not getting a regular sized polish, so expect a smaller and cuter sized polish :)
The polish  is available at Fred Flare for $12

Enjoy the super cute throw-back :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birchbox: June 2012

Birchbox time!! My birchbox came in yesterday and I was super excited to snap some pics of this months box! The june box theme is "Jet Set"! hmm kinda sounds like a familiar box theme like glossybox's last month that was "Beauty around the world". The theme focuses not on products that you can find around the world but of products that are travel friendly and perfect for the plane ride to your exotic destinations! Let's take a lot shall we? :)

The Box: 

1. Melvita-Rose Floral Water
Mini review: I have already been using this as a toner* before my moisturizer at night and it is AWESOME! I love it! I only had it for a day and my first impression of it, is that  I love it :)
2. Band-Aid- Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids
3. Masqueology-Pore Minimizing Mask
4. theBalm cosmetics-Stainiac in "Beauty Queen"
5. Juliette Has A Gun- Not A Perfume

Okay final thoughts, I am pleasantly surprised with this box. Like I stated in my glossybox review, I explained that birchbox has been a hit and miss with me. I decided to keep my subscription because I do like the fact that birchbox offers such a wide range of products to try out each month. My favorites so far is the Melvita rose water and Juliette has a Gun-Not A Perfume. This box was definitely a nice change in speed for what birchbox has been putting out lately. Comparing this box and what it included to past boxes, this box has provided more items that can easily fit into anyone's daily routine and spice it up. Overall very pleased with this box and its contents..let's hope birchbox can continue this streak with awesome products next month!

Stay smart pretty girls!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can you believe its june already?!

(Source: Tumblr)

What are you doing/planning in june?
graduations? father's day? Let me know!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Glossybox: May 2012

Introducing glossybox! Glossybox is a U.K. brand which is a beauty subscription service, where you receive a box full of deluxe beauty samples each month. Glossybox has just started sending boxes to the U.S. in April 2012 and has been a huge hit here in the states! For U.S. glossyboxes, each box is $20 a month and is chalk full of goodies. Here is some pics of my May 2012 Glossybox! Enjoy :)


The May box's theme was Beauty Around the World and in spirit of beauty around the world, glossybox picked beauty products from different countries and gave us a little taste of what is in the U.K; Italy, U.S; France, & South Korea! I have listed the contents in the box in the order of the pictures btw :)

The Box:

1. Zoya Summer 2012-Beach and Surf Collection (USA) Pink-"Lara"
2. Burberry Beauty- Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick Copper No.202 (UK)
3. Amore Pacific-Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel (South Korea)
4. Marvis- Marvis Whitening (Italy)
5. Phyto-Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry Hair (France)

Final thoughts on the box...I LOVE IT! This is definitely worth the $20 splurge! I have tried out two other beauty subscription services (Glambag & Birchbox) and this one takes the cake! I mean Glambag was pretty tired and boring for $10 a month. I got really cheap products which were not even worth $10! I tried it for a month and a month was just enough time for me to realize I didn't want to continue my subscription. Birchbox on the other hand is a hit and a miss with Glambag the subscription each month is $10 and definitely gives out better samples then Glambag but some months I find one product I really like and other months I will find nothing I am crazy about.. But for $10 it's worth trying out new products! I think I will stick with my subscription but I will definitely continue with Glossybox! As for my thoughts on Glossybox, EVERYTHING in this month's box I can see myself using!! I LOVE EVERYTHING IT CAME WITH! I am really impressed with the deluxe sample sizes (matter of fact I think some of the products in my box are full-size!) Not only are the products name brand and higher quality I think the service is WAY better then birchbox & glambag. I think the only downer about this subsciption service is that you get your box really late in the month..I mean mine arrived yesterday on the last day of May, so I mean I am technically waiting for my box all month...but it was definitely worth the wait! Glossybox is definitely worth the wait and money!

Interested in checking out Glossybox click here!

Hope you smarties found that interesting! :)
Stay Smart,