Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back To School

Yes, I know it is that time of the year again...SCHOOL IS BACK! I don't want to go back like many of you, but I see going back to school as a fresh slate again and that we can begin a new and turn a new leaf. I guess my main reason to be excited to be back at school is the many many opportunities I will be be able to use all the clothes I bought over the summer and wear them for once. I'm excited for the mixing and matching of everything and creating totally different looks with the same outfit but with different accessories. With all this talk of starting a new let me share my goals for the school year, and maybe I can inspire some of you to start making goals for yourself this semester. My goals this semester are to, aim for a 4.0 gpa...i've never gotten one I really want to try hard this year and get what I need to done and take initiative when studying and doing hw so I do not procrastinate, 2nd goal is to read far in my college career I only started actually reading my books last semester...I bet I can get a grade higher with putting the extra effort into studying and reading, and last but not some money, as a poor college student, I don't work during the school year because I am afraid of taking my focus away from my school work, all my focus should be on school. I get really side-tracked through out the semester and find myself wanting to buy things when I should be saving my money instead... I guess thats it my three main goals I want to accomplish...I think the most challenging one would probably be getting a 4.0 haha well I can try, if I get a 4.0 gpa I will buy myself a Michael Kors watch as shown above! or something on the expensive side so I can motivate myself haha idk I wanted to make a deal with myself in the event that, that happens haha..WOW this is a complete ramble post..sorry lol well what are your goals this school year? Let me know!

Outfit made on my Polyvore! Check it out :)

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurley Warehouse Sale 2012

Happy Saturday! Last week I went to the Hurley Warehouse Sale! This is my second warehouse sale and definitely not a disappointment :) The sale started at 8:00am and we got to the warehouse at about 7:40am..We really didn't worry about a huge line lined up like the Obey warehouse sale but did expect some people to come. When we got there we were 6th or 7th in line so not a long line at all. This was such a different experience then the Obey sale, we got in line and were let in right at 8:00am. Like the Obey sale, we were given trash bags to carry our clothes and goodies we picked up..the sale we pretty much the same set up as the Obey sale, HUGE boxes and bags full of clothes, the girls and the guys clothes were separated into two rooms, so my brother and boyfriend and I separated so we can get what we needed done fast and efficient. What I really loved about this sale is that we did not have a time limit like the Obey one, we got to take our time and really look over what we picked up and search for. They basically had everything there from dresses to board shorts, they had plenty of stuff to pick through. Overall thoughts, I didn't find much from the swim suits and tank tops, which I was hoping to find stuff from, but I did snag some high-quality basics :) I mean you can get basic T's dirt cheap at forever 21, but those shirts will only last you a couple months..before getting faded or shrunk from the wash lol with that being said,

Here is what I got:

Black slouch crop top- Warehouse sale price: $10 Retail: $29 (similar) Buy here
US Open of Surfing v-neck T- Warehouse  sale price: $10 Retail: $22 Buy here
White v-neck T- Warehouse sale price: $10 Retail: $19.50 Buy here

Overall another successful warehouse sale! Can't wait to go again, no wait and no time limit haha it was soooo much faster then the Obey sale, we were in and out within an hour, where as the obey sale was almost 4 hours lol..I LOVE WAREHOUSE SALES!---stay smart and go and find a warehouse sale near you and get some good deals ladies :)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birchbox: August 2012

Hello pretty girls :) My August birchbox arrived and I want to share it with you! Btw this is my last box as of now, I am kinda beauty sampled out..I'm just going to take a break for little. Without any further adieu, here is my box!

The Box:

Juicy Couture- "Viva la Juicy La Fleur" perfume sample
Talika-"Oil-Free Lash Conditioning Cleansor"
Schick-"Hydro Silk Razor"-FULL SIZE <----fave item :)
Stila- "Forever your curl mascara"
SHU UEMURA art of hair-"Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil"

All products can be purchased on

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Minnie Mouse Is my Muse

Outfit made on my Polyvore account! 

Click here to find where everything is from! :)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

TheBalm Haul from Hautelook

Hello pretty girls! Here is my Haul from Hautelook!! If you guys don't know what Haute look is, it is basically a flash discount website that features name-brand companies for a week on their website and sells their products at a discount rate! Hautelook has everything from clothing to home decor, you can so many good deals on this site and here is mine to share with you! :)

The Goods:

Frat Boy Blush from TheBalm Hautelook Price: $10.50 Retail: $21.00 Buy Here
-its described as a peachy pink coral color
Mary Lou-Manizer from TheBalm, Hautelook Price: $12.00 Retail: $24.00 Buy Here
-its described as a honey-champagne glow with shimmer

The Review:

Mary Lou-Manizer-SO PIGMENTED! literally just a tap of your brush on the product and you have enough! The thing to watch out on it to NOT OVER-HIGHLIGHT! you can turn out looking greasy and shiny in the places you dont want to be. The color is so spot on to the description and will easily look good on all skintones!

Frat Boy Blush- My fave blush ever! It is silky smooth and finely milled powder! The color pay off is beautiful and blends so well on the skin! Whats so great about this blush is that it is easy to build up if you are willing to get a more pigmented color on your cheeks! I just cant get over how silky smooth this is LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Both products I HIGHLY recommend! You get so much product! The weight for both are 8.5 grams of product or 0.3 oz, compare that to a Mac blush which is on the large side is 6 grams and 0.21 oz! 

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