Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tea Time!

Happy sunday smarties! well I found the most gorgeous necklace from betsey johnson yesterday,  which is located above and decided to design a whole outfit around it :) I have been really loving oranges and pinks lately and this look is definitely a favorite of mine! I chose orange wedges to pair with a cute pink dress with a sweet-heart neckline and to top it all off a statement flower necklace. Love the outfit too? tell me about it! Hope you guys enjoyed this sunday treat!

The Outfit:


Have a great week smarties & don't forget to stay smart!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wedding Date

Hello smarties! Long time no talk haha well I have been overwhelmed with school for the past couple weeks and I can assure that midterms have not affected my creative juices haha well I just created the perfect wedding date outfit! :) it's wedding season alright and you better be looking your best! one of my favorite things about going to weddings is...EVERYTHING including getting dressed up :) I pretty much paired this oh-so cute feminene dress with some basic colored acessories that are sure to be used again, I know I know smart ;) haha what's so great about pairing basic nudes with color is that you can use nude accessorites with any outfit! they are the most versatile colors to have in your closet! Definitely staple pieces to keep around! Whether you plan on wearing this outfit to a wedding or a spring date with your love, enjoy & stay smart!

The Outfit:


Enjoy smarties!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pretty Little Picture

(Picture from Tumblr)

I'm loving this warm weather, makes me feel lucky living in California and getting to enjoy this almost year round :) #californialove

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stripe me up!

On this rainy evening I bring you STRIPES! I purchased nail striping tape last week from amazon  for $1.38!! and got it in the mail yesterday and started playing around with it! Nail striping tape if you don't know is really really thin and fine tape (as you can see above) The intended use of the nail striping tape is to use it like stickers on your nail and create designs and when finished always seal with a top coat! As you can see I didn't use the tape as stickers but as a guide for stripes! It worked out amazingly!! I applied the tape firmly on top of the polish I wanted as my stripe color, in this case the white polish and with a steady hand applied the rest of the tape to make equidistant lines. It really turned out really cool. My thoughts on the tape? I was really excited when I got them in the mail, for $1.38 (with tax and shipping it really cost about $4 but hey, what a deal!!) I got 10 rolls of tape in different colors (purple, gold, silver, green, pink, red blue, light blue, black, white) great deal in my opinion and each roll looks like it can last you quite a bit too! As for the application and use of the tape, it was pretty tricky at first. I suggest using tweezers to pull the tape from the roll and to apply on your nails. The tape is so thin and can easily slip out of your fingers while using, so I HIGHLY suggest tweezers as your little application buddy when using the tape. All in all it was a great deal, it is definitely a valid price for the tape and the results came out stunning! Did I inspire any smarties to try out stripes? ;) haha 

Products Used:

White Nail Polish "Blanc"-Essie
Bright Coral Nail Polish "Trout Pout"-Butter London
Nail Striping Tape- Amazon

Stay smart,


Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Smart Girl's Guide to: Coupons

Let's talk coupons. I think we can all agree that they are a life savors but what is  the real the benefit to all the collecting and cutting out of magazines? I am going to be honest here, I am not one to go and collect hundreds of coupons (ahemm..crazy coupon ladies) for fun. But I have noticed that the coupons I use are used at places I know for a fact that I will be spending a lot of money at. For example Target, usually has coupons in the sunday paper for that the week and from time to time I find myself cutting out coupons for an anticipated trip to the store (which has everything as well all know) and between the shampoo I picked up because I ran out and the 2 boxes of cheese-itz I had to get,  along with the super cute lamp that would look oh-so-chic right next to my bed, it can easily add up quickly to my total! Solution? COUPONS. if you don't know already target has printable coupons on their website!  (that was a shocker to me too!) I guess it just takes the time and effort to go and print them out, but hey you can save a lot of money if your were to have them! Money you save can easily go to that new bag you are pining away for, smart huh? ;) all in all coupons can really make a difference in a large purchase, especially if you know you will be spending a lot, so will it really kill you if you print out a couple coupons before your do your weekly trip to the store? No, if anything you will just be going crazy over how many coupons are on the coupon page, there are TONS! A smart tip for all the smart girls out there, enjoy!


Target Coupons-Target
Target Coupon Website-Totally Target (they have all the special coupon days listed and a lot of cool tips)

Hope you found this helpful smarties :)


Friday, April 6, 2012

Pretty Little Picture

(Photo re-blogged from the fancy pants blog)
Don't we all just want to grow up being fabulous? I died when I saw this, the cutest little girl dressed up as Audrey Hepburn! Definitely taking some glam tips from this little girl, anyone else taking notes too? Enjoy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Essentials under $25!

Ahhh..... No more midterms, no more studying, but a week to just check out from school and reeeelax. Sadly, I actually am ending my spring break..but I know a lot of people are just starting! So, I decided to post up items I definitely suggest you check out while you are sunning yourself on break! ALL ITEMS LISTED ARE UNDER $25! no splurging necessary, yeah you can thank me later ;) haha well lets see, the outfit is bright and perfect for days you are going to be in the sun. It is basically is following the oh-so popular bright color trend for the spring. An outfit that doesn't break the bank is always good in my books!

The Outfit:

Shorts-H&M ($24.95)
Cross Body Bag-Forever 21 ($9.50)
Sunblock-Target ($10.99)
Nail Polish-Essie ($7.60)

Have a fabulous spring break smarties! stay smart! :)