Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shape Shifter Nails

Hello pretty girls! here is a nail tutorial freshly polished! I have been loving geometric shapes lately and as you can see I have been playing around with my striping tape again and I got some cool looks out of it! I ran into the problem again with the tape, it was pretty tricky to apply but having some tweezers on hand were a big help :) I did some diamond shapes on my index finger, stripes on my middle finger, and on my ring finger I did triangle shapes. The looks were pretty simple to achieve, the only problem I had encountered was pulling some of the tape off too early! Make sure your top coat of polish is COMPLETELY dry before pulling off the tape! Luckily my mistake didn't ruin my nails! The top coat of polish you apply has to be dry in order for your lines to come out clean and straight! good luck!

Products Used:

Pink Nail Polish "Off the Shoulder"-Essie
Sky Blue Polish "Mint Candy Apple"-Essie
Nail Striping Tape-Amazon
Complete review on Nail Striping Tape-Here

Hope you enjoyed :)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nail Of The Day!

it's official! summer is here and its time to make a splash!! :) I just came back from my cousin's graduation/commencement and it was so cool! Definitely a role model to aspire to be like and just learn from, so proud of him! The ceremony was really cool and just listening to all the accomplished individuals that shared the stage with him were very inspiring! Dressing for the event I went with a cute spring colored dress and some fun bright nails. The nail polish is from the new Summer 2012 collection from essie and oh my gosh. I AM LOVING IT! I have been on the hunt for a nice orange that flattered my skin tone for a while and stumble upon these beauties at target! It didn't help that the pink and orange were sitting right next to each other looking too cute of a couple to separate haha.. and then I came home with two lol I did an every-other pattern because I just loved the combo so much! haha got some compliments while I was at the ceremony from some family members hah thats always a plus. All in all definitely worth it, the colors are great and like every essie polish the formula is quite opaque (2 coats on my nails) just for good measure :) these are only two of the shades from the collection so there are definitely more to choose from! hoped you liked the nails of the day! enojoy!

The Nail Polish:

Pink-"Off the shoulder"-Essie
Orange-"Fear or Desire"-Essie


Friday, May 18, 2012

Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer 2012 Collection

Hello smarties! Today I bring you the new Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer 2012 collection! what better way to celebrate summer with a nautical themed makeup collection! I am definitely looking forward to picking some of this stuff up! Not only is this collection super cute, the color are super on point for the summer! The collection itself ranges from suntints to bronzing powder (not pictured) and provides pretty wearable shades. I haven't picked up anything from this collection but what I have my eye on the most is the suntints and lip pencils :) When I do pick something up I will definitely do swatches and post pictures! Like all Mac theme collections each collection gets special packaging this collection is sporting nautical stripes on everything (I am super loving the packaging) along with two bags that are part of the collection! Anyone else super excited to get their hands on these babies? Well the "Hey Sailor" collection has hit stores already so you better get your hands on these fast because limited edition shades and hard to get your hand on once they are gone! Happy Summer Smarties!

For complete colors and swatches check out the Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer 2012 collection available here at: MAC

Stay Smart,


Monday, May 7, 2012

OPI's new Minnie Mouse Collection!

(image from
super unplanned post but just got word that OPI will be releasing a Minnie Mouse inspired collection this summer! (please tell me i'm not the only one excited!) The colors are bright pinks to pay homage to the lovely Minnie Mouse herself! The collection is due to come out next month. Like every OPI nail polish each polish will be $8.50 and trust me it's gonna be worth it! ooooh soo excited!
(image from

Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It-Clear polish chalk full of pink and silver glitter and chunky heart shaped glitter
If you Moust You Moust-cute medium toned cream pink
I'm All Ears-a rich raspberry with I think a blue shimmer
The color of Minnie-a cranberry red with pink undertones

Hoped you enjoyed this impromptu post but I had to let my smarties know about the cutest nail collection coming out!!

stay smart,


Friday, May 4, 2012

My Current Fave

Hello ladies, just wanted to show you what I have been seeing plenty of girls rockn' and wearing...and  I am loving it! Mismatched nails are so in this season! Especially when you can incorporate your favorite brights on your nails :) the trick here is to not have a pattern, no structure at all, just have fun with mixing up your nails with different colors. As you can see I didn't go too crazy, I basically stayed in the same color family for both but hey, how cute do my nails look? I am definitely digging this look :) loving this too? I should you mine, can you show me yours? haha comment or send me what your mismatched nails look like!

Nail Polishes used:

Mob Squad-Essie (fuchsia pink)
Trout Pout-Butter London (coral-peach pink)
Age of Aquarious-Color Club (turquoise---from my march birchbox :) btw)
Mint Candy Apple-Essie (mint green-blue) 

Stay Smart :)