Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurley Warehouse Sale 2012

Happy Saturday! Last week I went to the Hurley Warehouse Sale! This is my second warehouse sale and definitely not a disappointment :) The sale started at 8:00am and we got to the warehouse at about 7:40am..We really didn't worry about a huge line lined up like the Obey warehouse sale but did expect some people to come. When we got there we were 6th or 7th in line so not a long line at all. This was such a different experience then the Obey sale, we got in line and were let in right at 8:00am. Like the Obey sale, we were given trash bags to carry our clothes and goodies we picked up..the sale we pretty much the same set up as the Obey sale, HUGE boxes and bags full of clothes, the girls and the guys clothes were separated into two rooms, so my brother and boyfriend and I separated so we can get what we needed done fast and efficient. What I really loved about this sale is that we did not have a time limit like the Obey one, we got to take our time and really look over what we picked up and search for. They basically had everything there from dresses to board shorts, they had plenty of stuff to pick through. Overall thoughts, I didn't find much from the swim suits and tank tops, which I was hoping to find stuff from, but I did snag some high-quality basics :) I mean you can get basic T's dirt cheap at forever 21, but those shirts will only last you a couple months..before getting faded or shrunk from the wash lol with that being said,

Here is what I got:

Black slouch crop top- Warehouse sale price: $10 Retail: $29 (similar) Buy here
US Open of Surfing v-neck T- Warehouse  sale price: $10 Retail: $22 Buy here
White v-neck T- Warehouse sale price: $10 Retail: $19.50 Buy here

Overall another successful warehouse sale! Can't wait to go again, no wait and no time limit haha it was soooo much faster then the Obey sale, we were in and out within an hour, where as the obey sale was almost 4 hours lol..I LOVE WAREHOUSE SALES!---stay smart and go and find a warehouse sale near you and get some good deals ladies :)

stay smart,


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