Saturday, October 6, 2012

Smart Tip: How to clean foggy headlights

Hello pretty girls :) guess who found a cool tip on how to clean foggy headlights? I did! This will be part of my Smart Tip series of tips and tricks for everyday problems ! So let's get started! 

Things you'll need:

-Old Toothbrush(es)

All you need to do is wet the dirty headlight and place toothpaste on the toothbrush (like you are going to brush your teeth) haha make sure to place the toothpaste on the plate so you are not contaminating your toothpaste tube. Just go ahead and start brushing the surface of the light with circular motions to get the foggy lights cleaned off. The gritty toothpaste against the foggy lights will scrub off all the buildup. I have used a headlight cleaner from the store that was $10 and I got the same exact results as using the toothbrush! Smart huh?! let me know what you think!

Stay Smart,


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