Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alice In Wonderland EOS lip balm!

My new favorite lip balm! Thanks to my sweet boyfriend for the random little something :) <3 EOS (evolution of smooth) is a company that makes products from lip balm to shaving cream. The company is wildly know for their lip balms especially. I am guilty of having almost all of their flavors haha this year they collaborated with Disney to produce a Alice in Wonderland limited edition collection. The Collection includes Pink (Watermelon Wonderland), White (Sweet Vanilla Nonsense) <--- surprisingly my fave!!, and Blue (Blueberry Potion). 

Overall thoughts, I like the collection :) There was one flavor that stood out to me the most which was Sweet Vanilla Nonsense! AHHH I love it! As for the watermelon flavor, its good kinda reminds me of summer fruit a might be the similar packaging lol but its definitely second place. Lastly the blueberry flavor I have not tried.. I opened it and smelled it and I guess I don't like the smell of blueberry, it smelled a little like little kids lip balm and it was quite strong. I can definitely pass on the blueberry but I will use it if I have nothing else haha Great collection, if you are going to buy it is a great deal for three for the price of $7.99, the price of a normal individually packed one would be $3.29! So awesome deal! 

Stay smart,


*Don't you just love the mickey ear grips on the lid?! HAHA too cute!!

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  1. hi eryn this is Shayna I've been looking on where I can find this eos lip balm and I was wondering if you wre going to have a giveaway or selling this lip balms cause I'm a big fan of vanilla and the watermelon one seems like a pretty interesting one so let me know of your ever giving away this pack!
    please reply