Friday, April 13, 2012

Stripe me up!

On this rainy evening I bring you STRIPES! I purchased nail striping tape last week from amazon  for $1.38!! and got it in the mail yesterday and started playing around with it! Nail striping tape if you don't know is really really thin and fine tape (as you can see above) The intended use of the nail striping tape is to use it like stickers on your nail and create designs and when finished always seal with a top coat! As you can see I didn't use the tape as stickers but as a guide for stripes! It worked out amazingly!! I applied the tape firmly on top of the polish I wanted as my stripe color, in this case the white polish and with a steady hand applied the rest of the tape to make equidistant lines. It really turned out really cool. My thoughts on the tape? I was really excited when I got them in the mail, for $1.38 (with tax and shipping it really cost about $4 but hey, what a deal!!) I got 10 rolls of tape in different colors (purple, gold, silver, green, pink, red blue, light blue, black, white) great deal in my opinion and each roll looks like it can last you quite a bit too! As for the application and use of the tape, it was pretty tricky at first. I suggest using tweezers to pull the tape from the roll and to apply on your nails. The tape is so thin and can easily slip out of your fingers while using, so I HIGHLY suggest tweezers as your little application buddy when using the tape. All in all it was a great deal, it is definitely a valid price for the tape and the results came out stunning! Did I inspire any smarties to try out stripes? ;) haha 

Products Used:

White Nail Polish "Blanc"-Essie
Bright Coral Nail Polish "Trout Pout"-Butter London
Nail Striping Tape- Amazon

Stay smart,



  1. what's the process by which coat you apply first ?

  2. I applied the white nail polish first and then applied the striping tape on top and painted over with a coral nail polish. When it all dried, I peeled off the tape.

    Hope that helps!

  3. You can get the nail tape on Amazon. Com and what I got came from Hong Kong and it only took maybe a week longer and there was no shipping cost. I paid 1.38 and got ten rolls. Just an fyi...