Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wedding Date

Hello smarties! Long time no talk haha well I have been overwhelmed with school for the past couple weeks and I can assure that midterms have not affected my creative juices haha well I just created the perfect wedding date outfit! :) it's wedding season alright and you better be looking your best! one of my favorite things about going to weddings is...EVERYTHING including getting dressed up :) I pretty much paired this oh-so cute feminene dress with some basic colored acessories that are sure to be used again, I know I know smart ;) haha what's so great about pairing basic nudes with color is that you can use nude accessorites with any outfit! they are the most versatile colors to have in your closet! Definitely staple pieces to keep around! Whether you plan on wearing this outfit to a wedding or a spring date with your love, enjoy & stay smart!

The Outfit:


Enjoy smarties!


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