Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Essentials under $25!

Ahhh..... No more midterms, no more studying, but a week to just check out from school and reeeelax. Sadly, I actually am ending my spring break..but I know a lot of people are just starting! So, I decided to post up items I definitely suggest you check out while you are sunning yourself on break! ALL ITEMS LISTED ARE UNDER $25! no splurging necessary, yeah you can thank me later ;) haha well lets see, the outfit is bright and perfect for days you are going to be in the sun. It is basically is following the oh-so popular bright color trend for the spring. An outfit that doesn't break the bank is always good in my books!

The Outfit:

Shorts-H&M ($24.95)
Cross Body Bag-Forever 21 ($9.50)
Sunblock-Target ($10.99)
Nail Polish-Essie ($7.60)

Have a fabulous spring break smarties! stay smart! :)


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