Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Little Duck"-Primrose Everdeen

I go to watch the hunger games at midnight on thursday and let me tell you, that movie was AHMAZING! for all of you who did read the book probably caught a couple things missing...some details described in the book didnt really make it in to the movie, regardless the movie was fabulous! :) and what made it even more fabulous was just being at the movie with the die-hard fans! I also took note of the really awesome outfits in the movie ;) here is my Primrose inspired outfit! very subtle colors kinda like the whole district of 12 during the reaping, really toned down and washed out colors. This Prim inspired outfit is definitely perfect for spring and can definitely be used to summer! haha smart huh?! ;) double duty dress perfect for spring AND summer!

The Outfit:

Envelope clutch-Modcloth

I bet you guys can tell I like Modcloth haha enjoy smarties!


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