Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nail Of The Day!

it's official! summer is here and its time to make a splash!! :) I just came back from my cousin's graduation/commencement and it was so cool! Definitely a role model to aspire to be like and just learn from, so proud of him! The ceremony was really cool and just listening to all the accomplished individuals that shared the stage with him were very inspiring! Dressing for the event I went with a cute spring colored dress and some fun bright nails. The nail polish is from the new Summer 2012 collection from essie and oh my gosh. I AM LOVING IT! I have been on the hunt for a nice orange that flattered my skin tone for a while and stumble upon these beauties at target! It didn't help that the pink and orange were sitting right next to each other looking too cute of a couple to separate haha.. and then I came home with two lol I did an every-other pattern because I just loved the combo so much! haha got some compliments while I was at the ceremony from some family members hah thats always a plus. All in all definitely worth it, the colors are great and like every essie polish the formula is quite opaque (2 coats on my nails) just for good measure :) these are only two of the shades from the collection so there are definitely more to choose from! hoped you liked the nails of the day! enojoy!

The Nail Polish:

Pink-"Off the shoulder"-Essie
Orange-"Fear or Desire"-Essie


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