Friday, May 18, 2012

Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer 2012 Collection

Hello smarties! Today I bring you the new Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer 2012 collection! what better way to celebrate summer with a nautical themed makeup collection! I am definitely looking forward to picking some of this stuff up! Not only is this collection super cute, the color are super on point for the summer! The collection itself ranges from suntints to bronzing powder (not pictured) and provides pretty wearable shades. I haven't picked up anything from this collection but what I have my eye on the most is the suntints and lip pencils :) When I do pick something up I will definitely do swatches and post pictures! Like all Mac theme collections each collection gets special packaging this collection is sporting nautical stripes on everything (I am super loving the packaging) along with two bags that are part of the collection! Anyone else super excited to get their hands on these babies? Well the "Hey Sailor" collection has hit stores already so you better get your hands on these fast because limited edition shades and hard to get your hand on once they are gone! Happy Summer Smarties!

For complete colors and swatches check out the Mac "Hey Sailor" Summer 2012 collection available here at: MAC

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