Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shape Shifter Nails

Hello pretty girls! here is a nail tutorial freshly polished! I have been loving geometric shapes lately and as you can see I have been playing around with my striping tape again and I got some cool looks out of it! I ran into the problem again with the tape, it was pretty tricky to apply but having some tweezers on hand were a big help :) I did some diamond shapes on my index finger, stripes on my middle finger, and on my ring finger I did triangle shapes. The looks were pretty simple to achieve, the only problem I had encountered was pulling some of the tape off too early! Make sure your top coat of polish is COMPLETELY dry before pulling off the tape! Luckily my mistake didn't ruin my nails! The top coat of polish you apply has to be dry in order for your lines to come out clean and straight! good luck!

Products Used:

Pink Nail Polish "Off the Shoulder"-Essie
Sky Blue Polish "Mint Candy Apple"-Essie
Nail Striping Tape-Amazon
Complete review on Nail Striping Tape-Here

Hope you enjoyed :)


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