Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Katniss the girl who was on fire!"

"Katniss the girl who was on fire" today is the day, midnight premiere is tonight for those of you who don't know! :) I'm going and I am so EXCITED! haha what better way to celebrate the day it comes out with a Katniss inspired outfit! Cinna the most fabulous stylist who made Katniss shine like a star in her fire inspired gown, OOOH putting this outfit together really put me in the mood for the movie for the most part its not TOO pricey, but then again this is Katniss's most extravagant outfit in the book and can also be worn as a prom outfit! ! It's a super affordable PROM inspired Katniss outfit!!

The Outfit:


Enjoy the outfit smarties! Are you as excited as I am for the movie?! Let me know! :)

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