Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Fling Outfit #2 !

Hola smarties! Let's head to the beach and soak up some sun! The weather is feeling warmer and my urge to go to the beach is stronger than ever! I chose a SUPER fun and BRIGHT outfit that you can definitely wear with ease going to the park or just getting some sun in :) My splurge item for the outfit is the white corset cami from Aerie, it is $34.50..Before you start deciding its out of budget, think how versatile this piece is, a white cami goes with everything! with jeans or black jegging, this top can easily get some good use in your wardrobe and will eventually pay itself off with the amount of  use you are going to get! smart huh? ;) Paired with some bright pink shorts, gold bangles and a lovely blue polish, you are ready for some spring sunshine!

The Outfit:

Cami Corset-Aerie
Pink Shorts-H&M
Gold and Ivory Bangles-Forever 21
Blue Nail Polish-Essie

Am I getting you into the spring mood yet?! :) Please let me know that I am not the only crazy one here, he is super exited for spring! hope you guys enjoyed the outfit! I'll be back  with more to come! 

Stay Smart!


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