Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fling Outfit #1 !

Hello my beautiful smart girls, this outfit is my first 'Spring Fling' outfits, it will be a series and I will try to post up a spring inspired outfit each week! The key pieces to these outfits is that there is one key splurge item out of each outfit and the rest of the outfit should be relatively on the affordable side :) why splurge on one key item? Well if you are planning on spending a lot of money on one thing, it better be something that you can wear multiple times and not be a one outfit kind of item. Here I chose beaded sandals from aldo, they are $50, but if you are planning on wearing them all spring, you have a smart buy! Instead of changing up your sandals all spring,  stick to the ones that you spent the money on and can get use out of them. Here is a quick outfit with the latest spring trends, florals, brights, and a touch of twinkle toe sandals! The weather is getting warm, the flowers are starting to bloom aaaaaah, spring is coming! Are you ready?! I am so pumped for spring and I cannot wait to be wearing this outfit!

The Outfit:
What are you excited to be wearing this spring?! let me know! Hope you love the outfit! Have a great rest of the week stay smart ladies :)

Toodles <3,


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