Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea Cup Jewelry Storage!

Want a cute jewelry storage system? Well look no further then your mom's china cabinet! (obviously ask permission first please!) Tea cups and dishes are perfect for displaying and catching all your miscellaneous jewelry and collecting it in a convenient place, smart huh? ;) You can place small hair pins and necklaces on the dish as well as hide away rings in the cup itself! It is the perfect way to organize your tangled necklaces on your dresser! Not to mention it is way cuter than leaving your necklaces laying all over the place <3 Hope you find this helpful! enjoy! :) <3
I got this tea cup and dish set at a local discount store for $5-$10, not that bad for such a cute set! :)
Please feel free to leave me some feedback, I would love to hear from anyone! <3

Toodles <3,


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